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By Scott Pringle, WBGO —

A New York State lawmaker will try again in the new year to get legislation passed that will look at giving black New Yorkers reparations for slavery.

The bill sponsored by Democratic Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages would create an 11 member commission to study reparations. It passed the state senate but stalled in the Assembly so she will try again early in the new year.

“We see the harms that slavery and Jim Crow have done to the black communities and we want to ensure we are having a holistic conversation about reparations.”

If passed, the commission would look at a handful of reparations including monetary compensation, reforming laws and health rehabilitation. Republican Senator George Borrelo tells the New York Post reparations are a taxpayer funded giveaway to buy more Democratic votes.

Source: WBGO

Featured image: Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages plans to resubmit reparations bill